DIY Paver Patio Installation Expert Paving Service Tips in Menlo Park, CA, 94025

Paver patios are a great addition to any landscape. They provide long-lasting appeal, while at the same time being versatile regarding their use. However, in order for such hardscape features to be durable for many years, they have to be properly installed. Here are some professional tips which will help to make this task easier.

Prepare the ground prior to installation

Prior to the paver installation, you should prepare the excavation site where the new feature will be. This includes inquiring your local utility providers if there are any underground supply lines you need to avoid. Also, be sure to take proper measures for your patio. Make sure you excavate below the root level of your plants. The minimal level is six inches depth. To make dry soil easier to dig, moisten it the night before the installation.

Prevent weed growth

To avoid unwanted weeds from encroaching on your new hardscape feature, use a landscaping cloth as barrier. Place it between the soil and the sand base for optimal results. To calculate the amount you need, multiply the length by width and add another 10% of this result.

Compact each layer

Be sure to compact each layer of sand or patio paver base material. This will help to create a solid, level foundation for your hardscape feature. Use a paving service wacker plate compactor or tamper for the best results.

There are several steps which can help you make the DIY installation of your paved patio easier. These include preparing the ground for excavation by measuring, marking and moistening if needed. You should also plant a landscaping cloth to prevent the growth of weeds. If you would like to learn more expert tips, contact a professional paving service provider. An example of one such provider is Flores Gardening and Landscaping in Menlo Park, CA.